Providing a Flexible Working Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Chefs Without the Substantial Investment

Legal Kitchen
Food services regulation requires food sold to the public to be prepared in the consumer's kitchen or in a commercial kitchen. Today, when caterers, personal, and specialty chefs enter the business, they are forced to keep their jobs small enough to be able to utilize venue facilities or utilize illegal facilities (i.e. home kitchens, etc) and hope their practices will not be discovered. Chef's Shared Kitchen offers our client-companies a sanitary, licensed and permitted facility inspected by Maricopa County Health Department.

Low Initial Investment
Small-scale or part-time business operations often cannot acquire the substantial initial capital investment required to open a commercial kitchen. Our facility provides the equipment and sufficient workspace to build or expand your business at a much smaller startup cost.

Lower Ongoing Fixed Costs
Rent for an exclusive location can be much higher than Chef's Shared Kitchen's minimum monthly plus any additional usage over that amount.

No Long-term Contracts
When your situation changes for any reason (you're so wildly successful you need your own space, or this isn't the business for you), the Kitchen Sharing Agreement can be terminated with a 30-day notice. Just cancel your Health Department permit, return your permit certificate, keys, and cards and any future monthly minimums are no longer required.

Convenient Fixed Location
Secured cold and dry storage allows you the convenience of having all your equipment and supplies on site. You have what you need every time you need it, without having to haul it around each time!

Work Schedule Flexibility
We offer cooks who want non-standard hours the flexibility to utilize the facility 24 hours, 7 days per week. This is especially nice to accommodate other employment schedules, childcare or eldercare requirements, and seasonal trends.

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