Providing a Flexible Working Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Chefs Without the Substantial Investment
How It Works

Kitchen Use
Chef's Shared Kitchen is, as implied by the name, a shared kitchen. Chef's Shared Kitchen rents workstations and allows the shared use of the kitchen equipment. Here's how it works:
  • Become a client-company
  • Schedule kitchen time
  • Rent cold and/or dry storage (if required)
  • Bring all food, smallware, specialty equipment required for kitchen use
  • Pay for Services
  • Access Facility
  • Utilize the workspace and equipment requested
  • Leave a clean kitchen
  • Check-out

The Details of Each Process Step

Become a Client-company
There are several Options for Signing Up with Chef's Shared Kitchen depending upon your needs.

Schedule Kitchen Time
View workstation availability on-line using your login ID then call Chef's Shared Kitchen to schedule time.

Rent Storage (if required)
Cold and dry storage is available for rent to house all your equipment and supplies on site both for your convenience and your protection.

Bring all food, smallware, specialty equipment required for workstation use:
  • Deliveries - All ingredients needed to prepare your food will need to be brought into the Chef's Shared Kitchen. When choosing to rent storage, access can be prearrangements for early delivery.
  • Smallware - Bring all smallware (knives, cutting boards, utensils, oven mits, etc) required for workstaiton use.
  • Equipment - Some shared equipment (pots, pans, standing mixers, etc) is available for your use. Bring all other specialty euqipment you will need for workstaiton use. (Note: The Health Department requires them to be NSF or ANSI approved. Most residential models don't qualify.)
Pay for Services
All services are prepaid. Any minimum required is paid on the first of each month with usage deducted. Additional usage is charged on a credit card on file. Account balances must be held if no credit card is maintained on file.

Access Facility
Use your pin to access the facility. Access is limited to scheduled use or prearranged deliveries.

Utilize the Workspace and Equipment Requested
Now you're ready to make your delicious creations!

Leave a Clean Kitchen
Every client-company is responsible for maintaining Chef's Shared Kitchen's high standards of cleanliness. This will ensure all client-companies have a clean kitchen whenever they reserve space.

When finished with your time, record your completion during the check-out process.

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