Providing a Flexible Working Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Chefs Without the Substantial Investment
Who could benefit from Chef's Shared Kitchen?

We provide a facility that will allow new businesses to start and existing smaller businesses to grow.

Chef's Shared Kitchen is a great place for aspiring entrepreneurs to try out their business ideas while maintaining health standard requirements and minimizing both upfront capital expenditures and ongoing fixed costs. Or if you already have a business, Chef's Shared Kitchen provides a lower-risk opportunity to expand your production volume.

Chef's Shared Kitchen's client-companies will include:
  • Caterers who are too small to have their own location and want to take on bigger jobs

  • Personal Chefs who want to add more clients and achieve more efficiency by doing some or all of the preparation in a commercial kitchen prior to entering the client's home

  • Convenience Food Providers who want to create carry out or delivered meals

  • Bakers and Pastry Chefs who sell breads, baked goods, and desserts wholesale to caterers, restaurants, and retail stores

  • Gourmet Specialty Chefs who want to market their products to local stores and restaurants

  • And of course, aspiring Personal Chefs, Caterers, Bakers, and Gourmet Specialty Chefs who want to try out their business ideas!

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